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June 13, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Reviews by BellaSvago

We are getting TorkScrew reviews on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis these days and we’re thrilled! The most recent came in the other day from JennyReviews, a site that reviews the latest and greatest of everything. As always, we welcome your own reviews telling us about your TorkScrew experience. Feel free to leave in the comment section!

Looking for a unique, thoughtful and personalized gift for a wine lover? Think TorkScrew Wine Bottle OpenerJe. While maintaining the impeccable elegance and timeless posture of conventional wine presentation, TorkScrew offers a professional, hassle-free opening process for nearly any bottled drink.

TorkScrew Wine Bottle Opener embraces the recent trend to screw cap wines and has a magnetic base that keeps it handy and easily available whenever required. The product comes with a soft grip and features a non-slip rubberized base unlike other bottle openers in the market. If you were ever hesitant of uncorking Champagne for the fear of doing a clumsy job and becoming the laughing stock of your social group, the Torkscrew comes to your rescue and uncorks your Champagne in the most stylish and refined manner. The handy bottle opener comes with a convenient five-year warranty is available in six attractive colors.

Torkscrew has professional bartender standard features included in it to make the product eye-catching as well as highly functional for opening corked beverage bottles. Traditional wine popping has tremendous ceremonial value attached to it and goes beyond being just another process to entertain guests, hence it requires a more sophisticated approach. That is precisely why Torkscrew makes for an ideal gift for wine lovers. It retains the pomp and splendor associated with the customary wine bottle opening process. You can have your product gift or custom packaged on prior request or even have it custom imprinted and colored for large orders.

The all-in-one screw cap wine opener, corkscrew and foil cutter with a sleek design is great for restaurants, wine wholesalers and distributors, wineries and home wine enthusiasts. Since winemakers from all over the world are recognizing the benefits of replacing the corks of wine bottles with screw caps and the trend is on a rise with New World winemakers (screw caps preserve the wine for a longer spell and get rid of the cork taint), Topscrew’s professional bartender-style opener has been designed with a dexterous ability to easily open any Stelvin screw cap or wine enclosure along with the Amcor bottles.

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