TorkScrew™ — “Putting the class into screwing!”

June 1, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Reviews by BellaSvago

We always love when Bellasvago Enterprises ends up in the news. In fact, we welcome all kinds of feedback, as long as it’s honest. We were so excited to see the following review on the Mutineer Magazine website. A big thank you to them for their feedback and review, not to mention the best closing line ever written. Enjoy!

Whether it be environmental or economical, more and more high-class wines these days are coming in screw top bottles. Unfortunately, there is nothing magical or exciting about unscrewing the cap off of a bottle. Screw caps have pretty much eliminated the opportunity for a mystical and romantic uncorking presentation, which is no good if you’re a sommelier at a fancy shmancy restaurant or if you are trying to impress a date with your Rico Suave vino skills.

Think about all of the anticipation and awe that happens when watching a proper uncorking. When perfectly orchestrated, it is like a dance. (However, fumbling and breaking the cork in the bottle can be disastrous to one’s wine reputation).

So how does one preserve one’s repertoire and class while opening a less-than-exhilarating screw capped bottle of vino?

Well, fortunately for all you beverage savvy individuals out there, the brilliant minds behind Bella Svago have developed a product to help ensure your drinking habits stay classy. With convenience and elegance, the TorkScrew screw cap wine opener allows for proper opening and presentation of virtually any bottled beverage, including corked bottles and Champagne.

Being in Italy for five weeks really helped crystallize in my mind the idea of ‘beautiful entertainment’ It’s not fancy in an uptight way, but in a way that appreciates what’s real and has quality, and that is engaging, interesting, and fun.” – Leisa Bates, co-founder of the TorkScrew.

In addition to resolving presentation issues with screw caps, the TorkScrew also helps to alleviate the embarrassment of fumbling the de-corkage of sparkling wine. With the TorkScrew, guests will no longer live in the fear of getting their eye shot out by a flying cork.

At $20 a pop, the TorkScrew is the quintessential bottle opener for all types of fine beverages. Stay classy, winos.

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