Torkscrew™ featured in Imbibe Magazine!

August 9, 2010 in In the News, Reviews by Mark Bates

From the days when Torkscrew was merely an idea through production, manufacturing and our official product launch, Bellasvago Enterprises has had the opportunity to meet a host of wonderful people — wine makers, restaurateurs, bloggers, catalogers and more. It’s been fabulous!

Recently our friends over at Imbibe Magazine were kind enough to feature us in the most recent issue. Not only do we love their publication, but we are very appreciative for their nod to Torkscrew. Thank you, Imbibe!

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JennyReviews Torkscrew™

June 13, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Reviews by BellaSvago

We are getting TorkScrew reviews on a weekly, sometimes even daily basis these days and we’re thrilled! The most recent came in the other day from JennyReviews, a site that reviews the latest and greatest of everything. As always, we welcome your own reviews telling us about your TorkScrew experience. Feel free to leave in the comment section!

Looking for a unique, thoughtful and personalized gift for a wine lover? Think TorkScrew Wine Bottle OpenerJe. While maintaining the impeccable elegance and timeless posture of conventional wine presentation, TorkScrew offers a professional, hassle-free opening process for nearly any bottled drink.

TorkScrew Wine Bottle Opener embraces the recent trend to screw cap wines and has a magnetic base that keeps it handy and easily available whenever required. The product comes with a soft grip and features a non-slip rubberized base unlike other bottle openers in the market. If you were ever hesitant of uncorking Champagne for the fear of doing a clumsy job and becoming the laughing stock of your social group, the Torkscrew comes to your rescue and uncorks your Champagne in the most stylish and refined manner. The handy bottle opener comes with a convenient five-year warranty is available in six attractive colors.

Torkscrew has professional bartender standard features included in it to make the product eye-catching as well as highly functional for opening corked beverage bottles. Traditional wine popping has tremendous ceremonial value attached to it and goes beyond being just another process to entertain guests, hence it requires a more sophisticated approach. That is precisely why Torkscrew makes for an ideal gift for wine lovers. It retains the pomp and splendor associated with the customary wine bottle opening process. You can have your product gift or custom packaged on prior request or even have it custom imprinted and colored for large orders.

The all-in-one screw cap wine opener, corkscrew and foil cutter with a sleek design is great for restaurants, wine wholesalers and distributors, wineries and home wine enthusiasts. Since winemakers from all over the world are recognizing the benefits of replacing the corks of wine bottles with screw caps and the trend is on a rise with New World winemakers (screw caps preserve the wine for a longer spell and get rid of the cork taint), Topscrew’s professional bartender-style opener has been designed with a dexterous ability to easily open any Stelvin screw cap or wine enclosure along with the Amcor bottles.

Thank you, JennyReviews!

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New York Times is predicting screw caps!

June 3, 2010 in BellaSvago™, In the News, TorkScrew™ by BellaSvago

“…within a decade, 75 percent or more of these wines will be sold with metal caps.”

This fantastic article was published in the New York Times a couple years ago and it was a solidifying factor in making the decision to move forward with the initial TorkScrew idea. We knew the idea was the first of its kind, we knew our product could simplify life for a lot of people and when we read this, we knew that over the next few years the need for Torkscrew was going to be greater than ever! Not only that, Torkscrew provides a solution to any issues surrounding Stelvin screw caps and closures while making a unique wine gift for wine lovers!

Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment section…

Screw Tops Gain Acceptance Worldwide

Two years ago, the announcement that a well-known winery, or a little-known winery for that matter, was switching to screw caps for its bottles was news. Winemakers were divided on the subject. ”Right on,” said the younger vintners. ”Waste of time,” said older and presumably wiser types. Or ”Money down the drain.” Or, more often, ”The consumer will never accept it.”

No longer. Acceptance of screw-on tops for wine bottles — by both winemakers and consumers — has been astonishing. From Burgundy to Beaujolais, from Spain to South Africa, winemakers are switching from corks. No one seems to have an accurate count of how many wineries are using aluminum tops, but people in the industry agree that the number is in the hundreds.

Corked wine — wine that has been spoiled because of a bad cork — is a serious problem in the wine business. It affects even the fine old chateaus. Many years ago, I spent a weekend at Château Lafite-Rothschild, tasting very old wines from its cellar. Later, the staff acknowledged that it had had to open many more of the priceless bottles than we tasted, mostly because of faulty corks.

James Laube, an editor of Wine Spectator magazine, reported two years ago on a tasting of elite 1991 California cabernets in which nearly 15 percent of the wines were spoiled by bad corks.

Some of the problem is physical: as corks age, some dry out and crumble. Others were poor fits to begin with and allowed too much air into the bottle, oxidizing the wine. But the contamination derives principally from trichloranisole, or TCA, a substance formed by the action of chlorine on cork bark or wood.

Traditionally, corks were bleached in a chlorine solution as part of the manufacturing. Other substances have been used but, despite major efforts by the cork industry and regular announcements that the problem had been eliminated, it persists. Winemakers estimate that up to 5 percent of all bottled wine is contaminated by TCA. Cork producers say the figure is much lower.

The industry was hardly unfamiliar with screw tops. For years, jug wines and cheap fortified wines had been closed with them. Some years ago, when the E.&J. Gallo Winery switched from screw tops to corks for its famous Hearty Burgundy, it was an unmistakable sign that the wine had increased in stature.

Most objections to screw-top wine bottles appear to be directed at restaurants, where their presence has more to do with image and prestige than in the home. This is certainly true of expensive wines. But restaurateurs who have used screw tops on moderate-price wines say they have encountered little objection from customers. And anyone who has used the bottles at home — or who has taken screw-top wines on a picnic — quickly sees how convenient they are.

A small Napa Valley winery called PlumpJack broke the ice, so to speak, in 1997, offering a $135 cabernet with a screw top. Bonny Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz followed, first putting screw tops on 80,000 cases of its moderate-price wines and later moving to bottle all of its wines, including its top of the line Cigare Volant, with screw tops.

Among the other California wineries that have switched wholly or in part to screw caps are Beringer Blass, Calera, Sonoma-Cutrer, Murphy-Goode, the Napa Wine Company, Whitehall Lane, Robert Pepi, R. H. Phillips and E.&J. Gallo, which is using metal caps for its huge Turning Leaf line. Fetzer Vineyards uses screw caps on wines it exports to Europe. In Oregon, WillaKenzie and the Argyle winery in Dundee are using screw caps.

Hogue Cellars in Washington is to switch to screw caps next year for its 450,000 case annual production. Hogue and R. H. Phillips are owned by Vincor International, a Canadian company. Vincor also owns Kim Crawford Wines in New Zealand, which has been using screw caps exclusively since 2001. In both New Zealand and Australia, it is estimated that 40 percent of all wineries — about 200 — use screw tops.

Specially treated corks and plastic corks have met with little enthusiasm in the wine business. The best-known screw cap, with a long seal covering the bottle’s opening, is the Stelvin, made by Pechiney Capsules of France. Pechiney has a factory in California.

The Stelvin was first developed in the 1970’s for Swiss wines, which are said to be sensitive to TCA. Since then, the market for Stelvins has expanded to include Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Chile, as well as the United States.

Customers in France include Michel Laroche, who bottles a premier cru Chablis under screw caps, Yvon Mau in Bordeaux, Domaine Blanck and Georges Lorentz in Alsace and the Domaine de la Baume in the Languedoc. Fortant de France, one of the best-known Languedoc wines, is now bottled with screw caps. Even Bodegas Torres in Spain, a major cork-producing country, uses Stelvins on some of its white wines.

Tesco, the largest wine retailer in Britain, has more than 100 screw-capped wines in its stores and expects more. Georges Duboeuf, the largest of the Beaujolais producers, ships some of his wines to Tesco in screw tops. Switzerland, too, sells Duboeuf Beaujolais in screw tops, but Mr. Duboeuf said last week that he produces only about 30,000 cases with screw tops. While the market for his screw tops is increasing, he said, he is also using plastic corks. They are, he said, entirely satisfactory and will probably be a more important replacement for cork than the metal caps.

Most producers have been hesitant to use screw caps on wines destined to age. Ironically, they are the wines that probably need them most because even corks not tainted with TCA dry out over time and fail to keep delicate old wines safe from air.

But 98 percent of all wine is drunk within six months after its purchase. I am willing to predict that within a decade, 75 percent or more of these wines will be sold with metal caps.

by Frank J. Prial
Published: April 21, 2004

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Calling all contest entries!

June 1, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Contest by Mark Bates

We value your opinion! From June 1 through July 1, 2010, BellaSvago will be accepting entries for our first of many contests. We would love to hear your unbiased, honest review of your experience with the Torkscrew. How did you like it? What did your guests think? How did Torkscrew help you entertain beautifully?

The winner will receive a Torkscrew in the color of their choice to keep or to give!

All contest entries and reviews become property of BellaSvago Enterprises for use in our marketing campaigns or articles.

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TorkScrew™ — “Putting the class into screwing!”

June 1, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Reviews by BellaSvago

We always love when Bellasvago Enterprises ends up in the news. In fact, we welcome all kinds of feedback, as long as it’s honest. We were so excited to see the following review on the Mutineer Magazine website. A big thank you to them for their feedback and review, not to mention the best closing line ever written. Enjoy!

Whether it be environmental or economical, more and more high-class wines these days are coming in screw top bottles. Unfortunately, there is nothing magical or exciting about unscrewing the cap off of a bottle. Screw caps have pretty much eliminated the opportunity for a mystical and romantic uncorking presentation, which is no good if you’re a sommelier at a fancy shmancy restaurant or if you are trying to impress a date with your Rico Suave vino skills.

Think about all of the anticipation and awe that happens when watching a proper uncorking. When perfectly orchestrated, it is like a dance. (However, fumbling and breaking the cork in the bottle can be disastrous to one’s wine reputation).

So how does one preserve one’s repertoire and class while opening a less-than-exhilarating screw capped bottle of vino?

Well, fortunately for all you beverage savvy individuals out there, the brilliant minds behind Bella Svago have developed a product to help ensure your drinking habits stay classy. With convenience and elegance, the TorkScrew screw cap wine opener allows for proper opening and presentation of virtually any bottled beverage, including corked bottles and Champagne.

Being in Italy for five weeks really helped crystallize in my mind the idea of ‘beautiful entertainment’ It’s not fancy in an uptight way, but in a way that appreciates what’s real and has quality, and that is engaging, interesting, and fun.” – Leisa Bates, co-founder of the TorkScrew.

In addition to resolving presentation issues with screw caps, the TorkScrew also helps to alleviate the embarrassment of fumbling the de-corkage of sparkling wine. With the TorkScrew, guests will no longer live in the fear of getting their eye shot out by a flying cork.

At $20 a pop, the TorkScrew is the quintessential bottle opener for all types of fine beverages. Stay classy, winos.

Original can be found here.

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Video: Wine Is Serious Business ft. Torkscrew™

May 26, 2010 in BellaSvago™, Video Blog by BellaSvago

Recently, Leisa Bates, inventor of BellaSvago Enterprises‘ newest product, Torkscrew™, was featured in the very impressive video blog Wine Is Serious Business. For those of you that don’t know (is that possible?), Torkscrew is BellaSvago’s latest product, good for opening virtually every bottle. Not only was a great time had by all, but the highly regarded wine connoisseurs were able to offer their candid and honest first impressions of Torkscrew™. Did it end up being a “connoisseur corkscrew“?

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Welcome to the BellaSvago™ blog!

May 17, 2010 in BellaSvago™ by Mark Bates

Welcome to our blog. In the upcoming months, you will find loads of valuable info on the wine industry, beautiful entertainment and the new and exciting BellaSvago products. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us and we will get them answered for you right away! Please let us know how we can help you Beautifully Entertain! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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